Dr Nicholas Trost

Dr Nicholas Trost is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne and completed his Radiology training in 1991 at The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. Nicholas worked at Hammersmith Hospital and St Mary’s Hospital, London where he specialised in Neuroradiology and MRI. He held the position of Consultant Radiologist at Hammersmith Hospital before returning to Australia in 1996. In 1998, Nicholas was appointed Consultant Radiologist at St Vincent’s Hospital and SVPR. In 2005 he obtained his European Certificate in Neuroradiology, and in 2006 obtained an International Diploma in Neurovascular Disease (University of Paris X1). Sabbaticals in 2006 and 2012 have focused on studies utilizing MRI neuro-tractography and cortical activation. In 2015 he completed the Master of Public Health (specializing in Global Health) at the University of Melbourne.