Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) produces detailed images of the body using a magnetic field and radio waves. MRI technology is very complex but essentially uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to produce exquisite images of many of the body’s internal structures. MRI is a very safe, painless and powerful diagnostic imaging test and there are no health risks associated with the magnetic field and radio waves used and no radiation is used to collect images; however, there are specific circumstances (certain surgical implants for example) that limit the use of MRI. The Technologist will go over the patient’s medical history and any contraindications before the MRI exam is performed.

St Vincent's MRI Centre is located at Building C, Basement Level, 41 Victoria Parade Fitzroy. St Vincent’s Private Radiology patients have direct access to the MRI Centre, as the departments are adjoined on Basement Level.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has revolutionised imaging of the brain, spine and the musculoskeletal system. Superb soft tissue contrast and spatial resolution have made MRI the investigation of choice in many neurologic and orthopaedic diseases.

St Vincent's MRI Centre features three different MRI's

  • Siemens Skyra 3.0T
  • Siemens Avanto 1.5T 
  • Siemens Symphony 1.5T

St Vincent's MRI Centre is currently one of the most comprehensive MRI Centre in Australia. These three MRI scanners have differing capabilities and our patients are triaged to the scanner most appropriate for their needs.


MRI scan

For bookings or enquiries, please contact MRI directly.

Ph: 9231 3056

Fax: 9231 3090