Electronic Reports

AllTalk is an electronic service available to our referring Doctors, enabling direct access to SVPR reports via computer. Reports are downloaded via the Internet. If you already have AllTalk access for St Vincent's Pathology results we are able to link SVPR reports into your current set-up. Otherwise, we will arrange a time for our IT computer consultant to visit you and set up your new report access.

AllTalk does not cost you anything to have it installed and you may download your reports as often as you like. You can even set-up access for all doctors within a group to access all the reports referred from that practice.

St Vincent's MRI Centre reports are now also available via AllTalk. This means you can now have access to SVPR, St Vincent's MRI Centre and St Vincent's Pathology reports all via one computer link.

Download application form (PDF 109.3KB)

Autofax - If you do not have computer access, you may arrange for automatic faxing of your reports. This is an automatic set-up, which triggers a fax as soon as the report has been authorised by a Radiologist.