Women’s Ultrasound Updates

Women’s Ultrasound Updates

July 2014

At St Vincent’s Private Radiology  (SVPR) we provide a full range of women’s ultrasound imaging with a specialist team of highly qualified and experienced Radiologists and Sonographers. Our wide range of women’s ultrasound scanning offered includes:

Ultrasound PELVIS:    for a large range of clinical indications assessing any uterine or ovarian pathology.

Ultrasound T1 / US Early pregnancy:    for dating purposes and to rule out ectopics and miscarriages.  (Urgent same day service)

Ultrasound Nuchal Translucency:    SVPR provide an accredited service for risk assessment for down syndrome.

Ultrasound T2 / US Morphology:    to assess for any structural anomaly

Ultrasound T3:    to assess for any follow up issues from T2.

At St Vincent’s Private Radiology, we believe everyone should have access to the best quality medical imaging and offer Private fees that are substantially lower than most other major imaging providers. We provide Bulk Billing for all Pension and Healthcare Card holders as well as Fulltime Tertiary Students.